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Teambuilding with Escape Rooms

Our escape room experience takes team building to an extreme level by stimulating creative thought and problem-solving skills while also creating cohesion. Building stronger relationships among co-workers does not get more interactive and exciting than this. Here at the Escape Unknown, we promise to make your next company outing the most meaningful and memorable one that you have ever had. Be ready to be more involved than you would be with axe throwing or bowling. Here you will have to actively work as a team for an entire hour to solve your way out.  We have several different opportunities for you to impress your boss and your team!

1. Our rooms are built to create forced communication and team work. We carefully plan our adventure experiences to comfortably hold our groups without the feeling of being crammed in too small a space.  Multiple puzzle paths in most rooms, make your group divide and conquer.  We start large groups all at the same time so that they can escape together.  ALL OUR ROOMS ARE MULTI-ROOM EXPERIENCES.  

2.  We have mobile escape tents that can be rented for any college, festival, church, school, private party, open house, or any celebration that you have.  They are 10-15 minutes of fast paced escape fun with some cool tech.  We run group after group and can put up to 60 people through in an hour.  We have two tents and can run them simultaneously.

3. Our Murder Mystery Events are amazing.  They are full-on solve puzzle after puzzle, open locks, examine evidence, and explore crime scenes.  We have many different themes coming but our first is Art of Poison, a murder at the gallery. We can schedule or we can bring them to your conference room, ball room, or private space.  Groups play table against table and use their brains and supreme team work to solve the crime.   These are part of our Mayhem & Mystery Series.  Our holiday caper is going to be crazy good so if you are looking for a holiday party that is too large for a traditional escape room we have have just the ticket.

4. If you need larger space that can hold up to 60 seated at tables or 99 for mingling receptions, Escape Unknown might be a great choice with full dinner seating, meeting space, plus escape room fun. Just call to inquire and a tour.   We have ADA approved bathrooms and two rooms are accessible and a third room is nearly completed with front door parking.

We promise to make your next company outing the most meaningful and memorable one that you have ever had.

Cubic Puzzle

Grow as a Team

  • Participants uncover strengths and weaknesses by working with a team under pressure

Complex Puzzle

Develop Leadership

  • Managers observe or participate for constructive critiques and praises

  • Discern your group’s leaders and supporters

Complicated Puzzle

Race Against the Clock

  • Discover ways to maximize time-efficiency in the workplace

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