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Hosted by Mystery Mansion Escape & Events:

November 4th, 2023, 2-5pm with Afterparty to Follow (optional).  

Arrival for registration will start at 12pm at Escape Unknown.  Limited Groups so book early.  


Test your wits as you try to find Millie's hidden speakeasy. 3 Hours of Fun examining evidence, solving puzzles, and join the afterparty for to discuss the game.

The year is 1920 during Prohibition and Millie runs a swanky, secret speakeasy called The Moxie.  The coppers are on to her and are in hot pursuit to shut her down as a dead body was discovered the night before.  The cops think her gang killed the goon, who that haven't yet identified.  Luckily, she is friends with Bosco, the lead the investigator on the case.  He promised her that if she helps him identify the real thugs, that he will close the case and The Moxie will remain secret.  Dive through the suspects, solve the puzzles to close the case, and reveal the location of The Moxie for the finale.  More details to come later.

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